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Miami Histories Combined Index
This index contains an 'every name index' of the following publications:

  • History of Miami County, Ohio Illustrated, W. H. Beers & Co., 1880
  • A Genealogical and Biographical Record of Miami County, Ohio, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1900
  • Centennial History – Troy, Piqua, and Miami County, Ohio and Representative Citizens, Richmond-
    Arnold Publishing Co., 1909
  • Memoirs of the Miami Valley, Robert O. Law Co., 1919; Vol 1 - Miami County section only
  • Memoirs of the Miami Valley, Robert O. Law Co., 1919; Vol 3 - Miami County
  • The First Century of Piqua, John A. Rayner, 1916

This index also contains a biographical and portrait index of these same publications. Copies of these
publications are available for viewing or downloading on the "
Miami County Histories" page.

Information about the index:
  • Maiden names and/or previous married names are indicated by parentheses ( ).
  • Additional information not in the original is indicated by square brackets [ ]. This additional
    information should be considered a research hint only and not authoritative.
  • No attempt has been made to differentiate between different people with the same name.
  • No attempt has been made to consolidate different spellings of the same person's name under one
  • Each name is listed only once per page even though it may occur more than once on that page.

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