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ensure that you are satisfied.
Services and Fees
Genealogical Searches

    From siblings to parents to entire lineages.
$20 per hour

    Five hour minimum

    There really isn't much that can be done in
    less than five hours.

    If what you request takes less than five
    hours the balance will be credited to your
    next search.
Record Searches

    (in Ohio about 1867-1908)

    (in Ohio - early 1800s on up)

    (in Ohio about 1908-1953)
$10 per record

    Please note that compliance with early
    records law was often spotty and
    incomplete, therefore, we must charge for
    the search whether or not a record can be
Digital Photos

  • Headstones
  • Monuments
  • Houses/Buildings
  • Homesteads
$10 per location

    There will be a separate charge for each
    headstone in the same cemetery. Finding
    the cemetery is easy - the headstone? Not
    so much.

    It is our experience that most older
    headstones (prior to about 1860) are no
    longer standing or are illegible. Some
    graves were simply not marked. Therefore,
    we must charge for the search whether or
    not a stone can be located.
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